Marilyn Manson issues statement after incident in an interview. “Evan Rachel Wood dated a lot of people”

The artist abruptly abandoned an interview with the British magazine when he was asked a question about suspected sexual abuse during his relationship with actress Evan Rachel Wood. The answer now comes in a detailed communiqué issued by Marilyn Manson’s representatives

Marilyn Manson’s representatives issued a press release detailing the singer’s relationship with actress Evan Rachel Wood.

This week, Manson was the target of controversy after abruptly disconnecting the phone when asked by Metal Hammer magazine about the accusations of physical and sexual abuse against Wood.

These charges came to light in 2019 after the actress – without naming anyone concretely – said she had been in an abusive relationship with an older man at 18, when she dated Marilyn Manson, who was twice her age.

After the incident, Metal Hammer sent Manson’s publicist ten questions that they wanted to see answered as far as their relationship with Wood and other women is concerned. The answer came now, in the form of a communiqué.

Manson’s representatives refute the accusations made against the musician by “anonymous critics” and explain the statements Manson made to Spin in 2009 in which he fantasized about “using a sledgehammer on Evan Rachel Wood and cutting himself 158 times.

“This was obviously a theatrical interview of a rock star, promoting a new record, not a factual account,” you can read. “The fact that Evan and Manson got engaged six months later indicates that no one took this story literally”.

The communiqué also states that Manson “has never refrained from making public comments on any subject”, but that he “doesn’t have to make the same comment twice”, after having talked about the experiences his ex, also actress Rose McGowan, went through.

In the communiqué, Evan Rachel Wood “dated several people” at the time the aggressions took place. “A basic search on the Internet will show you a number of [boyfriend and girlfriend] names that no one has mentioned”.

“Your journalist had the opportunity to question Manson about his music – one of only two authorized interviews in the UK – and chose not to do so,” the communiqué ends.

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