How much money did the System of a Down return put together to help Armenia and Artsaque

They returned with two songs, the first in 15 years. The profits reverted to territories in conflict with Turkey and Azerbaijan. “We will be able to help displaced civilians who have been affected by these terrible war crimes. Read the band’s communiqué

The two songs that the System of a Down shared by surprise last Friday have already raised more than 600 thousand dollars (507 thousand euros).

This amount will help the citizens of Armenia and the territory of Artsaque who are among those most affected by the war in Nagorno-Karabakh, territory disputed by Armenia and Azerbaijan.

The members of the System of a Down, of Armenian origin, decided to publish these two songs in protest against “the injustices and human rights violations” that they say are being provoked by Azerbaijan and Turkey, their ally.

Already this week, the group has joined to edit a video where they discuss the conflict and where they thank the fans who digitally acquired these two songs.

“Thanks to you, we will be able to help civilians, young and old, affected by horrendous war crimes,” they say. “Please take a look at our full interview to understand why we came together” to record these two songs.

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